Wednesday, April 1, 2015

mexico tepic nayarit

What do you think of Mexico? When I hear Mexico I think of food,sports,andholidays.
            Have you ever tried Mexican food it’s delicious. There’s lots of food you can eat. There’s taco’s, white rice with corn, Burritos, Ceviche, Tostads, and Temales
The Temales depend on who makes them. They can be hot. I like hot Temales.
            When you hear wrestling what do you think of? I think of 3 people hitting each other. So do you like sports? I do. The sports in Mexico are soccer, Bullfighting, baseball, and Mexican boxing. 
            January 1 is the day of ano Nuevo means new year’s Day, is an official Mexican holiday January 6,is the day of dial del los Santos Reyes, is the day when Mexicans exchanges Christmas presents in accordance with the arrival of the three gift-bearing Wiseman to Jesus Christ.           
            Here some advices before you go to Mexico hope you have fun there. This year is going to be may first time going to so don’t be afraid to try new food in Mexico.

World book student, Nayarit.   2015
46 Interesting Facts about Mexico,

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