Friday, April 17, 2015


Have you ever image walking one hundred and ninety five miles form O’Neill, Nebraska, to Lincoln, Nebraska. I know some one who did. That person inspires me. That person is Daniel Dominguez. He inspires a lot of people. I’m going to talk about his walk to Lincoln, being a state wrestler, and his family. Does Daniel Dominguez inspire you? What do you think of when you hear Daniel’s?
Daniel Dominguez got the idea to walk to Lincoln from his wrestling coach Corkle. Daniel wanted to help out his friends, so they could go to college. It took him five days. And one hundred and ninety five miles. He ran, walked and jogged to Lincoln. He also did it for Dream Act, and his friends that believe in him.
Daniel Dominguez is also a state wrestler. He wrestles at one hundred and three pounds. He worked really hard to be successful in this sport. He practiced and never gave
up. He won and lost. He wrestled in Omaha, Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, and O’Neill, Nebraska. In 2010 he won the Nebraska, class B Wrestling Championship.
Did you now that Daniel Dominguez is my brother? He has one brother, that’s me, one sister, and just one parent. Our sister has two kids, a boy and a girl. Their names are Fernando Rojelio Jr. Mura Dominguez and Yumi for short. We have in O’Neill for 12 years. My mom works at the Elkhorn River.
There are many reason why my brother inspires me. He believes in himself. He will not quit until he succeeds at anything. That’s why he inspires me. He always tells me to keep on trying.

                                                            by: Lio


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