Friday, February 20, 2015

  Mechanics keeps our country running by taking care of America’s cars and trucks I would like to be part of that And I now that taking college classes can help me succeed.
             In the future I would like to take classes for auto mechanics. I would like to know how to take apart the motor and know all the parts work and how to change the oil and take care of the tires. I also need to now how to manage a business. I believe that people would trust my work if I have a college degree.
            I want to study the prices of the parts of the car. so I would now how much the parts cost. If im good at math I could figure out the prices or the cost of the business. I would have to get good grades in my classes. I hope I meet knew people in my life and through college. And meet people who can help me success. I have a lot of people that inspire me like my mom who continue to work hard.
            Hopefully I reach my goals. In ten years I would like to be a mechanic. Hopefully you reach your goal Good luck.

Mrs. Atkinson

                        By: Lio Dominguez

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