Monday, November 24, 2014

blind slight

Lio Dominguez
English project

            Confidence was a big idea in the movie. The students and leaders were sure they would make it up the mountains, they had confidence. They had confidence of going to the top of the mountain even though they didn’t make it they could have. I have confidence when I complete my homework. I get confidence when I wrestle against bigger or stronger people. I know that I can do all I want if I have cofidence. 

Photo credit to Mr. Peterson

Friday, November 14, 2014

It all started in 1776 when the American Revolution started. Freedom in the USA means many things and is represented by symbols, and celebration.
         What does freedom mean? Freedom means sacrifice for rights. It also means to respect people who sacrifice for us. Freedom is the right to vote for who can lead us.
         The symbol of the eagle means strength. The flag of the United States of America means to trust yourself. And the red white and blue stripes mean t he 13 colonies.
         The 4th of July you can do activities like fireworks, parades, and speeches. The fireworks are to have fun. The parade is to respect people who died for us. The freedom of speech is to say mostly anything.

         The meaning freedom is so important to people as well as the symbols and celebration of the 4th of July. Next time you go to a game be respectful when they sing the Star Spangle Banner.