Friday, October 31, 2014

Have you ever heard about a ghost at OHS? It’s been here since Mr. Brosz was principal? Jerry is a hairy ghost.  He is a 12-year-old boy that lives in Mod 2 and haunts the lunchroom. His hair is rainbow-colored and he wears nice pants, polo, some Jordan’s, and hat. He is a short ghost. And he is a handsome ghost all the girls want him. People who have seen him say his clothes are black. He makes loud noisies when he scares people down the hallway. He loves strawberries and smells like strawberries.
            He is a protector. He protects the girls from the boys that flirt with them. He doesn’t like that because he wants to get the girls to be happy. He also locks the lockers from boys so they don’t scare them before they start volleyball. He is also mischievous he flirts with the girls to get them. He trips the boys so they can learn a lesson. He goes in class the class that has the most girls. There was one boy name George he liked this fantastic girl name Emily some time I would hook boys a girls together.
            Emily liked George.
            He sometimes writes on the boys computer, so they can get in trouble like stay after school. He goes through the walls. So he could shake the doors so the boys would get scared. He trips a boy that was flirting with a girl when they were going to class. His okay if the girls have boyfriend. Jerry hairy fell down the hall he tripped over a boys homework books.
            This is why you shouldn’t flirt with girls. Because the ghost of OHS will haunt you for your rest