Monday, September 29, 2014

iAm Somebody

Three things I learned from doing this project:

1) I learned not to be shy to show my project.
2) I learned how to use i Movie.
3) I learned how to put Mincraft on i Movie.

Friday, September 12, 2014

english 7
period 4

An Unforgettable School Day 

It was a very hot day in August.  The trees were green and the grass was huge. Birds were singing in the air and grasshoppers were chirping loudly I was buckled into my car seat in the car with mom.  She was taking me somewhere.
I knew we were on our way to pre-school.  I had a new back pack and was ready for a new adventure.  when i entered preschool. I was excited and scared.when i went in with my mom i was afraid. When i sat down i saw Alex my cousin. I sat right next to him. We ate lunch, and went outside. When we went outside we waited so the teacher could open the door where the bikes were. After she did we started riding bikes.
I met a girl that was nice. Her name was Samantha. She was tall, quiet, and had brown hair., so my self and my cousin went to say hello. She was sitting by her self.
After we met Samantha. We played together. We went outside and played on the playground. We went down the slide. We had lots of fun with her that day.Everyday after that moment we were friends.
That day in preschool I learned not to be shy. Since that day I have been making new friends in lots of places.  I will never forget friends like Samantha.  Friends who have helped me become a better person.